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About the BioSpine Institute

The BioSpine Institute specializes in the ever-evolving field of minimally invasive spine surgery. Back problems are our immediate and only focus. Unlike latecomers to the field who add "minimally invasive back surgery" to their otherwise lengthy list of procedures, our physicians trained on backs from the very beginning of their medical careers and have used their skills and techniques to bring relief to over 85,000 patients-and counting.

That's 85,000 patients and over 50,000 spine procedures in only twenty years.

Because they are so well respected, our physicians have had the privilege of often being called upon to lecture on the latest technologies and techniques to other groups of physicians. They also lend their skills to train other doctors in the intricate technologies of minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Bono and Dr. Ronzo have brought their unparalleled experience together to create the BioSpine Experience.

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