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Back surgery alternatives

Chronic neck and back pain can severely decrease one’s quality of life. The most active of hobbies and interests take a significant toll when neck and back pain arise. Even the everyday tasks of twisting, walking and getting around can prove to be difficult under the stress of chronic pain. Some back surgeons will encourage surgery, but the best back surgeons and physicians will let you know that there are alternative methods to curing your pain before resorting to surgery. Probably the most common, widely adapted alternatives and preemptive approaches to alleviating neck and back pain is Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy can be a vitally important aspect of one’s pain management approach. The strengthening, stretching and overall improvement around problem areas of the spine can dramatically improve one’s condition. It is important for those who aren’t typically active to jump-start even a minimal activity routine and stay active. Engage in some kind of physical therapy to avoid a worsening of any condition or help recover from a significant life event involving one’s health or mobility. Many people who are aging, experiencing pain or have had injuries aren’t properly biomechanically aligned. This creates a need for help getting back to proper alignment and physical functionality.

Physical Therapy modalities could include but is not limited to the following:

  • Weight Training
  • Stretching
  • Massage
  • Water Therapy
  • Ice and Heat Treatment
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Exercise
  • and much more.

It is important to attempt structured and realistic physical therapy goals before resorting to neck and back surgery. Talk to your doctor or the world renowned doctors at the BioSpine Institute about your options. With over 30,000 patients and less than half of those patients receiving surgery, you can trust the advice and recommendations regarding your candidacy for Physical Therapy or other neck and back pain treatment options.

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