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Everyone loves a comeback story. Tiger Woods is on track to make one of the greatest comebacks in the game of golf if not sports. Since undergoing a spinal fusion last year, Woods has steadily climbed from 1,199th to 26th in the world golf rankings. Last weekend, Woods came close to winning his first golf…


A bulging disc is an incredibly irritating and painful condition; the pain can severely affect a person’s ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The good news is there are ways to prevent and treat a bulging disc conservatively; It only takes a willingness to commit to altering your lifestyle a bit. 1. Get…


What if getting get rid of your chronic back pain was as simple as thinking about it? You’d probably say, “where do I sign up.” The mind can help us overcome what often seem like insurmountable obstacles either physically or mentally. This mind of over matter approach to solving problems in the world has spawned…


Just ride the Ferris wheel. Those are words an adrenaline junky never wants to hear, but it is an unfortunate and familiar refrain heard by someone who suffers from chronic back pain. If a sneeze can potentially bring you to your knees in excruciating pain, imagine what the twisting, turning rides at a theme park…


The diaphragm is an important muscle; it plays a vital role in breathing. You’ve probably never considered the way you breathe and how it affects the body, but not entirely using the diaphragm can cause conditions, such as lower back pain. First, you need to understand what this muscle is and how it works. The…


What New Year’s resolutions did you make in 2018?  Did you commit to binge-watching fewer series on Netflix, spending more time outdoors, or finally taking advantage of a gym membership you’ve paid for? Now that half of the year is gone how did you do? If you didn’t accomplish all of your resolutions related to…


New Medicare Card to Prevent Fraud The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is mailing out a new Medicare card to everyone to combat fraud and identify theft. Old Medicare cards are required to be replaced by April 2019. A unique number called a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) replaces the Social Security-based Medicare number…


More and more people are burying their faces in their smartphones leading to an unintended condition called “Text Neck” syndrome.” It’s a condition some 77 percent of Americans who now own smartphone face. What is Text Neck Syndrome? Text Neck Syndrome is overusing and straining the muscles and ligaments in the neck.  The human head weighs about…


Camel Pose from BioSpine Institute on Vimeo. Camel Pose Benefits: Stretches and Strengthens the lower back muscles and reduces and prevents pain.Difficulty: BeginnerModifications: none The camel is a great yoga pose for strengthening the muscles in the lower back after minimally invasive spine surgery. Stronger lower back muscles can also prevent future bouts of lower back…

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