BioSpine Institute Opens Lakeland Clinic

David Donald

The BioSpine Institute is proud to announce it has officially opened its clinic in Lakeland and is now scheduling appointments.

The Lakeland Clinic will help to expand the BioSpine mission to provide an unparalleled patient experience in spine surgery. BioSpine looks forward to serving those who suffer every day from neck and back pain in Lakeland and the surrounding areas of Pasco County.

BioSpine’s Lakeland clinic is at 439 S. Florida Ave. on the 3rd Floor

It is BioSpine’s fourth clinic location. Other clinics include Tampa, Orlando, and Spring Hill.

The BioSpine Institute is a private surgery practice providing neck and back pain relief using advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques. In addition to a full medical staff exclusively dedicated to minimally invasive spine surgery, the board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons at the BioSpine Institute are nationally recognized and include Frank Bono, D.O. (founder), James Ronzo, D.O. (founder), Roderick Claybrooks, M.D., Reginald Davis, M.D., and Anthony Cucchi, D.O.

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