BioSpine Poised to Open Orlando Spine Surgery Center

David Donald

The BioSpine Institute is proud to announce it is opening a minimally invasive spine surgery center to treat Orlando-area patients suffering from neck and back pain.

A grand opening was held on Thursday to showcase the 8,700 square foot Orlando spine surgery center and its newly minted operating rooms, surgical suites, as well as the existing clinic. 

“Our plans for an Orlando surgery center are finally coming to fruition,” said Laura Henderson, BioSpine Institute Administrator.” We are extremely thrilled to provide both a clinic and surgery center in one convenient location for our Orlando-area surgery patients.”

Right now patients who need neck or back surgery must travel to the surgery center in Tampa.

Henderson said if all goes according to plan, the Orlando spine surgery center will perform its first surgery in May.

The spine practice purchased the building at 3900 Millenia Park Blvd. with plans to open a clinic and surgery center. The clinic opened more than a year ago and began seeing patients. Construction on the surgery center soon followed. It is the spine practice’s 2nd surgery center. They opened the Tampa surgery center in 2016.

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