BioSpine Welcomes Canadians

BioSpine Welcomes Canadians

Over the years, the surgeons at BioSpine have treated hundreds of Canadian patients just like you: waiting years for an appointment only for surgery to be a possibility, not a guarantee.

The wait is over. Living a normal, pain-free life is only weeks away.


  • Board Certified and Fellowship Trained
  • 70 Years Combined Experience
  • 50,000 Surgeries Performed
  • Not a Single Infection in 12+ Years
  • Nationally Recognized Surgical Outcomes
  • 3/4” Inch Incision*
  • No Cutting of Valuable Back Muscles
  • Less Scarring, Less Anesthesia & Less Medications
  • Recovery in as Little as 3 Days
  • Outpatient Surgery - Return Home the Same Day

Please feel free to call us or fill out the form below and a dedicated patient concierge will walk you through our simple and easy process.

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Communicating With You!
You will be receiving informative emails about everything BioSpine. We will be reaching out to you by text and by phone to answer questions & schedule your consultation. We encourage you to interact with our team! Our goal is to make the process simple & easy. Thanks for Choosing BioSpine!
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