How to do the Superman Pose

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The Superman Pose from BioSpine Institute on Vimeo.

Superman Pose Benefits: Helps to strengthen the entire spine from the shoulders to the glutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Modifications: Two

Superman pose is an exercise that incorporates almost all of the muscles behind us as well as the abdominals and works them against gravity.  This exercise can help strengthen the entire spine from the shoulder blades to the gluteal muscles, which is called the posterior chain. A strong posterior chain is important for daily function and reducing pain in the back and neck. 

How to Perform the Superman Pose

To properly perform superman, lay on your belly with your arms out in front of you or by your sides.

Slowly lift up your head, chest, thighs and feet at the same time while keeping your face looking down.

Your stomach and pelvis should be the only thing touching the surface underneath you.

You should feel your entire spine working as well as your abdominals and gluteal muscles.

Hold this position for 3-5 seconds or longer if able without moving any other body part.

Superman Pose Modifications

Try lifting your head, chest, thighs and feet and then lower them if holding the superman pose is too painful or not possible.

If lifting and lowering is difficult, only try lifting your legs or your head and chest.

Superman Pose Starting Position


Hold this position for 30 seconds or as long as possible.

Superman Pose Ending Position


Modification for the Superman Pose


Superman Pose for back pain patients

The Superman pose can help to strengthen entire spine. It’s also a great intermediate and beginner pose, especially if you start off with the modification. For patients who have a minimally invasive spine procedure schedule, the superman pose can condition the back. Always ask your doctor first about any fitness routine you’d like to persue.

Yoga poses, such as the superman,  are also great for patients who have recently recovered from back surgery and want to regain strength and mobility. It may be a few months, however, before the doctor gives you the go ahead to begin exercising.  As always, ask your doctor which exercise routines are best for you during your recovery.

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