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An Unfortunate Fact: At other medical practices, most Medicare patients are told they are NOT candidates for spine surgery and are referred to a lifetime of pain management.

The reason for this is that most surgeons still perform traditional open spine surgery. Traditional open spine surgery takes 2 to 3 hours, is performed through 4 to 6-inch incisions, involves significant blood loss and requires an extensive recovery period. These factors make traditional open spine surgery unreasonable for a Medicare-aged patient, but things are different at BioSpine!

BioSpine Institute minimally invasive surgery is completely different and allows Medicare patients to receive the benefits of spine surgery without the hurdles and complications that make traditional open spine surgery unreasonable.

Answers to Frequently Asked Medicare-Related Questions

BioSpine has been treating patients in their 70s and 80s for more than 16 years!

What makes BioSpine different than other medical practices that treat Medicare patients with back injuries?

Experience Matters. The surgeons at BioSpine Institute have built their careers and medical reputations by treating neck and back pain on Medicare patients. They have been recognized by Consumer Reports, HealthGrades, and many other publications for their top-in-the-nation surgical outcomes, specifically those of Medicare patients. Our surgeons have 40,000 surgeries performed - and counting!


Specialized Care. BioSpine Institute treats only neck and back health concerns and the surgeons have done so for their entire medical careers. BioSpine surgeons are not shoulder and knee surgeons, or pain management docs – they are orthopedic and neuro-surgeons that specialize in all aspects of care and treatment for neck and back pain.


Minimally Invasive. This surgical approach is a true game-changer in regard to your overall outcome and recovery! You have choices.

Why does a surgeon’s experience matter?

All surgeons are not created equally. Spine surgery is a specialty area of medicine requiring exceptional skill. The BioSpine Institute consists of a small group of surgeons that share two common factors: first, their vast surgical experience. All of our surgeons are approaching, or have exceeded, 10,000 surgeries performed. Combined, our surgeons have performed over 40,000 surgeries and have 60 years of experience. Secondly, the BioSpine surgeons only perform surgery using the minimally invasive surgical approach. Both skill and experience are critical to a successful surgery and a positive outcome.

Does Medicare cover the procedures performed at BioSpine Institute?

Yes, the vast majority of the procedures performed at BioSpine Institute are covered by Medicare in an out-patient facility.


BioSpine Institute has deemed status with Medicare and all of the BioSpine surgeons are credentialed by Medicare.

Does the American Medical Association (AMA) recognize the procedures you perform?
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Yes. All procedures performed at BioSpine Institute are identified by CPT codes, which are recognized and copyrighted by the American Medical Association. These CPT codes are a key component to ensuring a procedure is covered by health insurance.

Traditional Approach : 4inch - 6inch incision BioSpine's Approach : 3/4 inch incision
Traditional Approach : 4inch - 6inch incision
BioSpine's Approach : 3/4 inch incision
Is the minimally invasive surgical (MIS) approach the right approach for a Medicare patient?

Yes, and you should demand it. The surgeons at BioSpine Institute perform ALL surgical procedures using this approach, for which the benefits are countless.

  • Entire procedure performed through incision of approximately 3/4”
  • Length of surgery time, and time spent under anesthesia is significantly shorter with MIS
  • No cutting of valuable back muscles with MIS
  • Recovery time for MIS is estimated to be half that of recovery time for traditional surgery

Please Note: It is estimated that less than 10% of spine surgeons use the MIS approach for some of their procedures, and approximately 3% perform all of their surgical procedures using the minimally invasive approach.


MIS is the gold standard, dramatically increasing the likelihood of a successful surgery and a quick recovery!

3/4 inch - Incision Size

Incision Size

30 - 60 Minute Average Surgery time

30-60 Minute Average Surgery Time

Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient Surgery

Shortened Recovery

Shortened Recovery

I live in Lakeland, Sarasota, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, or The Villages. Is it a very far drive to Tampa or Orlando?

A large percentage of patients travel from outside the area and feel any inconvenience from the minimal travel is far outweighed by the results received at BioSpine Institute. From first consultation to final outcome, the entire process takes just a few visits. Patients visiting from more remote distances often consider an overnight stay the night before surgery.

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