See Why Mike Alstott Thinks BioSpine Is Your Best Option

Mike Alstott may have retired from professional football, but the lingering pain from a career-ending injury persisted, greatly affecting his quality of life. The previously high-performing professional athlete understood endurance better than anyone else, whether through the game or while in pain, and after a successful surgery at the BioSpine Institute, it wasn’t long before he was back to living his life to the fullest.

Having undergone a series of ineffective surgeries before going to BioSpine, Alstott thought he knew what to expect, but BioSpine delivered on experience and results unlike any of his previous ventures. Alstott was back home the same day following a less than three hour procedure. In fact, within three days he was walking around, feeling better than he’d felt in years. BioSpine did everything they said they were going to do… and more!”

... having the feeling back in my shoulders was magnificent. But the recovery period from getting stitches out ... it’s been a full recovery and it’s been just that fast…”

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