Reginald Davis, M.D.
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Reginald Davis, M.D.

Reginald Davis, M.D.

  • Neurosurgeon
  • Board Certified / Fellowship Trained
  • Over Two Decades in Practice
  • Over 10,000 Surgeries and Procedures Performed
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Reginald Davis, M.D. is a board-certified neurosurgeon. Reginald Davis, M.D. earned his undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry and mathematics from Marietta College in Ohio. He was then accepted into the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to pursue post-graduate study. Reginald Davis, M.D. then completed an internship and residency in general surgery followed by neurosurgery residency. He also completed a research fellowship with Johns Hopkins University. He became, and remains, an assistant professor on part-time faculty at Johns Hopkins. While conducting clinical research he also served as a clinical instructor at the University of Baltimore and led the neurosurgical division at the Greater Baltimore Medical Centre.


  • Board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Medical journal publications include Journal of Neurosurgery and International Journal of Spine Surgery
  • Clinical trials led to FDA-approved advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery
  • One of the first U.S. surgeons to use Dynamic Stabilization
Dr. Reginald Davis - Orthopedic Surgeon
I'm Dr. Reginald Davis. I'm a neurosurgeon at the BioSpine Institute. I have a 30-year career in spine surgery, and trying to rehash that career in less than that time frame is probably daunting, but I'll give it a shot. I started my career at Marietta College an undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry, with a minor in mathematics. I actually completed that degree in three years, after which I was able to matriculate into the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I remained at Hopkins for the duration of my training. Through medical school, through residency, through the chief residency, and even a fellowship in research in critical care medicine. All 12 years from 1980-- I guess, 1976 through 1988 I was done at Hopkins. Over those 12 years, the memories are just outstanding. Medical school-- I still remember going from the student, learning medicine in the textbooks, to being on the floors with the patients and getting to put on the white coat for the first time and actually examining patients and being involved with surgeries. During the residency, I had the ability to train with some of the most phenomenal people on the planet. And people like Ben Carson. Dr. Carson and I were fast friends throughout our residency. I even assisted Dr. Carson when he separated the Siamese twins. When I was a medical student, Dr. Carson was my intern. When I was an intern, Dr. Carson was my resident. When I was resident, Dr. Carson was my chief resident. And when I finally got to be chief resident, Dr. Carson was my attending. And so we've been fast friends ever since. I remember fond stories of Dr. Carson cutting out coupons and his wife giving them to my wife so that our children could have pampers, and I could not worry about things as I'm busy pursuing my medical career. And after that 12 wonderful years at Hopkins, I actually remained on faculty as a professor of neurosurgery. I went into private practice in the Baltimore community. There in Baltimore, in a small private hospital, I established a department of neurosurgery, division of neurosurgery at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center taking it from a nascent occasional spine surgery to a center that could actually do craniotomies, we clipped aneurysms, we did the full gamut of brain surgery, as well as a full gamut of spine surgery. Within that division, we continue to advance. And there I found my true passion, which is not just taking care of patients, not just delivering superlative care to my patient, but advancing the field of medicine and spine surgery. It's through those advancements, through innovation and technology, I found that I could give even better care. And pretty soon it was clear that not only were the advancements in technology, the lessening of the trauma to the patient became very, very important. And thus my ultimate passion was to deliver the most advanced care possible through the smallest incisions possible with the least amount of trauma possible to get the best outcomes possible. And that's been my mantra forever. During that time, I developed multiple advancements, or at least I was part of the development of multiple advancements, including total disk replacement, nonfusion stabilization of spine, interlaminar stabilization, which is a way that we can stabilize the spine without rods and screws. I was one of the first to perform tubular spine surgery in the area and have since adopted that as my primary mode of performing spine surgeries. That passion finally came to fruition as I came into the Tampa area four years ago, specifically to pursue and continue to evolve and advance my career in minimally invasive spine surgery. And at the culmination of that, I find myself here at the BioSpine Institute where all we do is minimally invasive surgery-- surgeries performed through the smallest of incisions with the most precision of analytics and carrying out our tasks but with the most superlative results and outcomes with very, very happy patients. And that's where I find myself, and that is the current chapter of my career. [MUSIC PLAYING]
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We're sorry to interrupt, but we know a fear of surgery can hold some people back. 70% of the patients who come to BioSpine are sucessfully treated without surgery. The first step is understanding what is casuing your pain - take that step and schedule a consultation. It's that easy.
We're sorry to interrupt, but we know a fear of surgery can hold some people back. 70% of the patients who come to BioSpine are sucessfully treated without surgery. The first step is understanding what is casuing your pain - take that step and schedule a consultation. It's that easy.
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