Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is a cornerstone of the holistic approach to patient care at BioSpine Institute.

Sherri Stone, DPT

Sherri Stone, DPT

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Over 26 Years in Practice
  • Over 10,000 Patients Treated

By championing non-surgical treatments, the Institute has been at the forefront of the movement towards conservative care, leading countless patients towards recovery and optimal health.

A Commitment to Conservative Care

BioSpine Institute's commitment to conservative care is embodied in its dedication to physical therapy. For many, physical therapy serves as a non-surgical path to recovery, providing a safer, less invasive alternative to surgical interventions. Over the years, BioSpine Institute has successfully treated thousands of patients through these non-surgical means, fostering an environment of hope and health for those in need.


The Transformative Power of Physical Therapy

The role of physical therapy in achieving optimal health cannot be overstated. At BioSpine Institute, we understand the importance of this treatment modality and are committed to providing top-tier, non-surgical treatments to our patients. We've seen first-hand the transformative power of physical therapy, having successfully treated thousands of patients using these conservative methods. We are proud to provide an avenue for recovery that emphasizes the patient's overall well-being, showing them the benefits of physical therapy and its positive impact on their lives.

Understanding the Role of Physical Therapy

At BioSpine Institute, our patients must comprehend why and how physical therapy works. This understanding empowers them to participate in their recovery process actively, setting the stage for successful outcomes.

Regaining and Maintaining Functional Strength

Physical therapy offers more than just a path to recovery; it's a key to reclaiming the strength necessary for daily life. Trained physical therapists design individualized programs aimed at:

  • Rehabilitating muscles, bones, and joints weakened due to injury or disease.
  • Improving functional strength is crucial for performing daily activities at home or at work.
  • Gradually build endurance to prevent future injuries.

Addressing Acute and Chronic Injuries

Physical therapy's versatility in addressing acute and chronic injuries sets physical therapy apart. It plays an indispensable role in:

  • Providing immediate relief in acute injuries, such as sprains and strains.
  • Ensuring long-lasting relief from chronic injuries by addressing root causes rather than merely treating symptoms.
  • Minimizing reliance on pain medication by promoting natural healing processes.

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Common Reasons to Seek A Physical Therapist

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

No one is immune from accidents. If you experience an injury, a physical therapist helps you heal and recover through exercise, education, and manual therapy techniques.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Post-Surgery Recovery

After surgery, allowing enough time for your body to rest and heal is crucial for a successful recovery. A physical therapist can create a rehabilitation program tailored to your needs, ensuring proper healing and minimizing the risk of further complications.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is a common problem that can significantly impact one's quality of life. At BioSpine Institute, our physical therapists work with patients to develop personalized plans to manage chronic pain conditions and improve overall function and mobility.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Participating in sports puts individuals at risk for injury. Whether you're a professional athlete or enjoy recreational activities, our physical therapists can help you recover from sports injuries and prevent future ones.

Mobility Issues

Mobility Issues

For patients with mobility issues due to aging, illness, or injury, physical therapy provides valuable support in improving strength and balance, increasing independence, and preventing falls.

Work-Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process for work-related injuries, helping individuals regain function and return to work safely.

The Expertise Behind Our Physical Therapy Approach

At the heart of BioSpine Institute's commitment to excellence in physical therapy is the unrivaled expertise of Dr. Sherri Stone. With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Dr. Stone has become a beacon of hope for thousands of patients in their journey toward recovery. Her extensive experience in the field, coupled with an unwavering dedication to patient care, has cemented her reputation as a stalwart in non-surgical treatments.


Dr. Stone's Innovative Approach and BioSpine Institute's Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Stone, with her extensive knowledge of physical therapy and commitment to innovation, has treated over 10,000 patients at BioSpine Institute. Her expertise alleviates pain and empowers patients with prevention strategies for future injuries. BioSpine is dedicated to delivering top-tier, non-surgical treatments and revolutionizing patient care.

Benefits of Spinal Conservative Care Treatment

At BioSpine Institute, we offer many conservative treatment options that are instrumental in facilitating faster recovery and relief. Here's a closer look at some of them:

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a pivotal part of conservative care. It manipulates soft tissues to soothe muscles, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness. It can alleviate pain, improve range of motion, and enhance circulation, speeding up healing.

Ultrasound Therapy

This non-invasive treatment uses sound waves to stimulate the affected area, enhancing blood flow and speeding up recovery. The heat generated by the ultrasound waves can also reduce swelling and edema, typically associated with injuries.

Electrical Stimulation

A treatment method that uses low-level electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contraction. This can help manage pain, reduce inflammation, and promote overall healing. The improved blood circulation by electrical stimulation aids in faster recovery and relief.

Hear From Past Physical Therapy Patients!

"After enduring years of chronic pain, I found transformative relief through physical therapy. In just 15 days, I experienced significant improvements, regaining the ability to drive and perform everyday tasks without the burden of pain. Physical therapy not only alleviated my suffering but also empowered me to rebuild positive connections between movement and well-being. Each day now brings newfound strength and liberation.."

-Erin K. Jackson, Healthcare Lawyer


"Physical therapy at BioSpine Institute transformed my life after a debilitating knee injury. From struggling with simple tasks to regaining strength and confidence, I am forever grateful for the life-changing impact it had. Now, I can walk and even run without pain, something I never thought possible. #PhysicalTherapy #LifeTransformation."

-John D. Miller, Retired Engineer


"Struggling with daily back pain, I sought help from BioSpine Institute. With the guidance of Dr. Stone and their team, I experienced a remarkable transformation. Through physical therapy, I gained a better understanding of my body, learned injury prevention, and discovered a life without constant pain. I am forever grateful for the life-changing impact they had on me.."

-Maria Lopez, School Teacher

Delivering Personalized Care for Optimal Recovery

At the BioSpine Institute, we provide personalized care and unique treatment plans tailored to individual needs. We understand each patient's situation and design strategies that maximize recovery potential. Our goal is to help patients regain optimal health and return to their regular lives. We restore not just physical strength, but also confidence and independence. Beyond therapeutic treatments, our mission is to guide patients back to a pain-free life they love.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at BioSpine Institute. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you on your journey towards optimal health and recovery.

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We're sorry to interrupt, but we know a fear of surgery can hold some people back. 70% of the patients who come to BioSpine are sucessfully treated without surgery. The first step is understanding what is casuing your pain - take that step and schedule a consultation. It's that easy.
We're sorry to interrupt, but we know a fear of surgery can hold some people back. 70% of the patients who come to BioSpine are sucessfully treated without surgery. The first step is understanding what is casuing your pain - take that step and schedule a consultation. It's that easy.
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