Prevent Back Pain During Halloween

David Donald

Prevent back pain with these tips. Halloween kicks off the busy holiday season and you don’t want to start it off by hurting your back. People pick out the biggest pumpkins, go all out decorating their homes and dress up as their favorite spooky creature or super hero. A bout of back pain brought on by all of these activities, however, can quickly ruin the fun. But we’ve got your back with these preventative tips, so you can dress up like Frankenstein’s monster rather than his ghoulish sidekick Igor.

Don’t Damage your Back Decorating

If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays of the year, you likely have a treasure trove decorations to terrorize the neighborhood. Take these necessary precautions when setting up those ghosts and goblins on the front lawn this year.

  • Any time you transport anything heavy, squat down, grip the item and lift straight with your legs. This will ensure that most of the weight is distributed through the legs.
  • Enlist the support of your family and friends if you want to go all out decorating the house this year. Not only is spending time with friends and family fun, your less likely to injure your back when someone is there to help you lift and carry the vampire in a coffin for your ghoul grave yard.
  • Be careful hanging frightening spirits, ghouls and monsters from tree branches and the roof of the house. Falling of a ladder is a quick way to seriously injure your back. Ask someone to hold the ladder while you are on it and never stand on the top step.

Prevent Back Pain Picking up Pumpkins

No Halloween is complete without picking up a few pumpkins to carve up into jack o’ lanterns. Lifting pumpkins can lead to pulling muscles, spraining ligaments or herniating a disc in the back. Always follow these tips when picking up pumpkin-sized objects.

  • Squat down, grip your pumpkin with your hands and straighten your legs to lift.
  • Bring a wagon or dolly to lug your pumpkin to the car.
  • Two is better than one. Go to the patch with a friend. They can help you load your pumpkin into the car.

The costume to rule them all

It’s easy to go all out on a costume, especially if you have your heart set on winning a contest. Face paint, makeup and masks can limit your vision and increase the risk of falling and injuring your back. Prevent back pain by keeping these tips in mind when designing your costume.

  • Be aware your surroundings. Without full visibility it may be harder to see the black cat or frantic trick-or-treater cross your path.
  • Some people go all out with heavy, bulky costumes. Choosing a lighter ensemble can take the strain off your spine when walking around the party or neighborhood with the kids.
  • Wear good shoes with good tread to avoid slipping and falling. Silly string, slime, fake blood and other slippery liquids are fan favorites this time of year.

Handing Out Treats

As the hordes of little zombies, monsters and ghosts descend upon home screaming “trick or treat” keep your neck in mind. Every time you open the door and look down you are straining your cervical spine.

  • Mix it up. Squat down every so often instead of hunching over.
  • A porch party is a great way to avoid the neck strain. Sit down in a chair and enjoy the frights. Trick-or-treaters will be at eye level as they approach.
  • Place a bowl of candy on a pedestal, table or step and let trick-or-treaters take some candy.

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen. The moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween”

If you want to make it through Halloween without any back pain, following these prevention tips. Contact the BioSpine Institute to schedule an appoint if you are dealing with severe back pain.


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