Understanding Your Recovery and the Factors Involved!

Your Recovery

What Matters?
For many patients, the first question is: how quickly can I get back to my life? BioSpine assures you that, regardless of the procedure, recovery time will be half that of any other surgeon or facility. With some procedures, you could get back to work or play the very next day.


There are a number of aspects that can affect recovery times. Some of the most important factors that can determine the success of your surgery and the speed of your recovery are:


Surgeon Experience
Nothing is more important to the success of your surgery than the experience of the surgeon.

The BioSpine surgeons are highly experienced. Each of the surgeons has performed close to, or exceeded, 10,000 surgeries.


Surgical Approach
The minimally invasive surgical approach is the single biggest factor in providing quick recovery to a patient. At BioSpine, that’s the only type of spine surgery performed. Specific benefits that enhance recovery are:


  • Procedure performed through ¾” incision
  • No cutting of valuable back muscles
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Minimal time spent under anesthesia due to reduced time spent in surgery
  • Minimal scarring


A simple decompression procedure will have a different recovery schedule than that of a stabilization procedure such as a cervical or lumbar fusion. This can be the  difference between a few days or a couple of weeks.


Patient’s Overall Health
Back pain can be devastating. Over time, back pain can change a person’s habits and activity level. The healthier and more active a patient is, the faster they will recover.


Patient Stories
See what surgical patients are saying about their recovery experiences! To see even more, simply click on a logo to the right.


Great News!

At BioSpine, we check the first 2 boxes for you:


Our surgeons are highly experienced and have completed thousands upon thousands of successful surgeries.


Our surgeons perform every surgery using our minimally invasive surgical approach performed through a 3/4 inch incision.

December 6 at 2:35 PM


After a very bad car accident my back was a source of constant pain, from neck to lower back, moving, breathing was excruciating. Enter Dr Claybrooks and his team, WOW, his hands do great work! I had a neck fusion, and to be honest the surgery was the easy part, it's the recovery after that was hard. My second procedure was a nerve ablation as my left leg was always asleep. The results were instantaneous!! By the time I was up and about half my leg was always asleep. The results were instantaneous!! By the time I was up and about half my leg was feeling normal, by the time we drove home it was 100% better. Everyone at BioSpine has been wonderful, office, clinic nurses, visiting nurses and the concierge, THANK YOU ALL!

August 4


Great attentive staff. I went in on a recommendation from a friend, and to a second opinion. Dr. Bono was confident and eased my anxiety. I'm happy I made the right decision and went with his team of professionals. I'm pain free, and very satisfied. Thank You Dr. Bono.

October 8, 2018


By the time I had surgery by Dr. Bono, I could barely walk and the pain excruciating. I limped in and I walked out. It has been 9 months now and I am pain free. Not onyl that but I am back to normal - I am so grateful to have my life back! Thank you! Anyone experiencing back pain should, at the very least, get a consultation from BioSpine! It could change your life!

September 27


I had surgery at the Tampa location Dr Bono did a great job my pain was gone almost instantly. The communication before and after surgery was very helpful answering all of my questions. The staff at the surgery center did a excellent job with me before and after the surgery making sure I was comfortable and that my wife was updated during the procedure. I would definitely recommend BioSpine.

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