Relieve Back Pain With the Camel Pose

David Donald

Camel Pose from BioSpine Institute on Vimeo.

Camel Pose Benefits: Stretches and Strengthens the lower back muscles and reduces and prevents pain.
Difficulty: Beginner
Modifications: none

The camel is a great yoga pose for strengthening the muscles in the lower back after minimally invasive spine surgery. Stronger lower back muscles can also prevent future bouts of lower back pain.  The Camel pose accentuates the natural curve of the lower back and is a motion that stretches out the front of us.

How to Perform the Camel Pose

To properly perform the camel, start by standing with your legs shoulder width apart.

Stand by a wall or a surface you can hold onto for balance.

Put your hands onto the back of your pelvis in a way that is most comfortable for you.

Slowly raise your head up and start to lean back while supporting your lower back with your hands.

You should feel a stretch in you lumbar spine areas and possibly your abdominals, depending on how far back you go.

Hold this position for as long as comfortable and up to one minute.

If this is too difficult or if you get dizzy, don’t lean back as far or try standing up straight.

Camel Pose Starting Position


Camel Pose Ending Position


Camel Pose for back pain patients

We often show our patients who recently underwent a minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery to perform the camel to stretch the lower back muscles. Working out the muscles in the lower back can help improve posture and prevent lower back pain in the future. Always consult with your doctor first before starting a workout routine.

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