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With United Healthcare we will be considered out-of-network for all aspects of your care by our physicians and facility.

Physician, Anesthesia, Surgery Center

At the time of scheduling your Patient Concierge will perform a health insurance benefit review.


This benefit review will allow us to determine what your office visit co-pay will be along with potential out of pocket costs if a surgery is recommended. We find that most of our surgical patients don’t focus on in-network or out-of-network but more importantly, what will their overall costs be and then they can make an informed decision. Most of our patients have done their homework and are looking specifically for an experienced spine surgeon who can perform their recommended procedure using the minimally invasive approach (3/4” incision).


The entire process at BioSpine is simple and easy and removes any surprises along the way!


To schedule a consultation, please call us today or fill out the form to the right.

Benefit Review Video

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