Strengthen Your Back with a Deadlift Workout

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Deadlift Workout for Spine Care from BioSpine Institute on Vimeo.

Deadlift Workout Benefits: Reduce pain in lower back and knee
Difficulty: Beginner
Modifications: Two

The deadlift workout imitates proper bending and lifting of objects off the floor. When performed properly, our muscles and joints work in perfect conjunction. It’s how we were meant to move in normal life. This exercise is also beneficial for those who have back pain and knee pain.

How to Perform the Deadlift Workout

To properly perform a deadlift, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and back erect/arched and shoulders squared. Hinging from the hips, bend forward as if you are going to pick up something from the ground. Your knees should bend no more than 90 degrees and your chest should be facing the floor. Do not round your back and shoulders. If they do round, lift up your bottom towards the ceiling which will decrease the bend in your knees. Your weight should be towards your heels while you move up and down. If you still are unable to maintain proper form or if you experience back pain, decrease the amount of forwarding motion until you become stronger and more flexible.

Deadlift Starting Position


Deadlift Ending Position


Deadlift Modified Ending Position


Deadlift workout for back pain patients

The deadlift is one of many exercises that may help strengthen the back muscles and aid in a faster recovery after minimally invasive spine surgery. Always consult with your doctor first before starting any workout routine.

Patients recovering from back surgery should follow their doctor’s instructions on when they can return to normal activities and begin exercising. After the recovery period has passed and doctor has given their blessing to resume physical activity, performing deadlifts along with other exercises a few times a week can really help to strengthen the back, reducing and preventing further back pain. Again, always consult with your doctor on which exercise routines are best for you.

More Exercises:

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