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Why you should choose a fellowship-trained back surgeon

Choosing an orthopedic surgeon is a personal decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The experience and qualifications of your surgeon can have a direct impact on the outcome of your back surgery. You deserve to work with the most qualified doctor to increase the possibility of success. When you are selecting a spine surgeon, it is a good idea to look for a fellowship-trained back surgeon.

What does it mean to be fellowship-trained?

Why does it matter if your back surgeon is fellowship-trained? The reason you should consider a doctor with this training is because the surgeon has additional hands-on training beyond the requirements of medical school.

To be a spine surgeon, the requirements include a high school diploma, college degree with a premedical curriculum, four years of medical school, and five years of residency. Many doctors finish with their residency and start working in the medical field right away. Fellowship-trained doctors, however, continue their education after completing their residency. Most of the time, the fellowship training lasts an additional year, and sometimes a research component is added with the operative and clinical training.

This fellowship training allows the doctor to get subspecialty training, improving their skills in a certain area of surgery. The additional year of training allows the new surgeon to work with nationally recognized medical field experts, affording a specialty skill set that can’t be gained in the regular medical school training. During this year of training, the surgeon-in-training is referred to as a “fellow.”

Surgery Practice Specialization

If you are planning to have spine surgery in Tampa or any other location, then look for a fellowship-trained back surgeon. Surgeons who have gone through fellowship training voluntarily chose to have additional training beyond the minimum requirements from the medical school. The extra training gives the surgeon specialization in their practice.

In the case of back surgery, fellowship-trained surgeons have specialized skills which can be very beneficial for surgical outcomes. The fellowship improves those surgical skills during the training, with the goal of offering those services in their own practice.

The value of the additional experience can’t be measured, and this type of training can’t be gained by studying more medical books.

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