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We understand that “navigating through the spine industry” can be extremely challenging. For most of our patients, not knowing what questions to ask, or not knowing what should matter, can be quite frustrating in this important decision. Factors such as surgeon experience, surgical approach, size of the incision, average time under anesthesia, recovery times, and overall outcomes are vital and important factors to you as the patient. At the Biospine Institute, we feel that knowing your surgeon and being confident in his credentials are extremely important.


We have listed below some additional key points in regard to our surgeons and their vast experience, as well as the numerous benefits of their minimally invasive approach.   As you continue to scroll, we have provided information to help you better understand the MIS approach, how it evolved and how it is performed.

10 Reasons to Choose BioSpine


Understanding Your Spine Surgery Options

Not BioSpine - 4" to 6" traditional open approach

It is important to understand that when ALL spine surgeons complete their residency, they are trained to perform spine surgery using the traditional open surgical approach. This traditional surgery is performed through large 4 inch to 6 inch incisions, taking to 2 to 3 hours to complete.

BioSpine's Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach (MIS)

3/4 inch MIS Approach

Approximately 20 years ago the Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach was introduced. The exact same surgical repair that was previously performed through large incisions could now be performed through a tiny ¾” incision, without the cutting or striping of valuable back muscles. This minimally invasive approach dramatically lessened the patient's recovery time. Combined with less time under anesthesia, less scarring, minimal blood loss, and less risk of infection – all of these were major factors in the overall success of the surgery.

Now fast forward 20 years….the vast majority of spine surgeons are still using the traditional/open surgical approach.

Why – Time & Training. To transition from being a traditional surgeon to a minimally invasive surgeon literally takes 1000’s of hours and many years of additional training. In most cases surgeons need to re-enter a fellowship program with an experienced minimally invasive surgeon to begin the process of learning this new surgical approach. This is a commitment that most surgeons are not prepared to make, but the BioSpine surgeons have and their patients are reaping the benefits.

Here is How the MIS Approach is Performed

Dilator gently separate valuable muscle fibers.
METRx tubular retrator - Michelson Technology at work

A tiny *3/4 inch incision is made and dilators are inserted, one around the other, to gently separate the valuable muscles fibers until a *3/4 inch tunnel to the disc is created.

A small tube is inserted with a fiber-optic light source and the dilators are removed. The surgeon will now perform the entire procedure through this small 3/4 inch tube. Once the surgery is completed, the tube is removed and the muscle fibers return back into place undamaged.


Five Important Factors When Selecting a Spine Surgeon

1. Surgeon's Experience 2. Surgical Approach 3. Outcomes 4. Length of Surgery 5. Recovery Time

Commonly Asked Questions

How do the surgeons and facilities at Biospine compare to others?

Your choice of surgeon and facility should be based on three main factors.
1. Surgeons skill and experience
2. Surgical Approach (minimally invasive)
3. Surgical outcomes

Ultimately, positioning yourself to have the absolute best surgical outcome is truly what matters. That being said – we will place our surgeons scorecard at Biospine among the very best in the nation.

What is your average length of time under anesthesia at the Biospine Institute?

Our average length of time under anesthesia is 30-50 minutes for all of our procedures which includes laminectomies, laminotomies, disc replacements, and fusions. But our physicians are highly skilled and experienced. A similar procedure with a less-experienced surgeon could take 2 1/2 - 6 1/2 hours or more.

What can I expect in regard to recovery time?

There are many advantages to the minimally invasive surgical approach and probably the most important advantage is in the reduced recovery time. The MIS approach reduces your recovery time to approximately half that of traditional surgery. In all of our procedures, patients are walking within an hour after surgery and are traveling home that very same day. Many of our patients are back to work in as little as three days!

High Surgical Volume

There are over 6000 spine surgeons operating in the United States, but only a small percentage of these surgeons perform surgeries using the minimally invasive approach. The benefits to the patient are countless, but include a smaller incision, minimal blood loss, shorter time under anesthesia, no cutting of valuable back muscles and less scarring – all which add up to a quicker recovery and a successful surgery. If the surgeon you are choosing is telling you that a recommended procedure “cannot be performed using the minimally invasive approach”, what they are actually saying is that they are unable to perform it using this approach.

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We're sorry to interrupt, but we know a fear of surgery can hold some people back. 70% of the patients who come to BioSpine are sucessfully treated without surgery. The first step is understanding what is casuing your pain - take that step and schedule a consultation. It's that easy.
We're sorry to interrupt, but we know a fear of surgery can hold some people back. 70% of the patients who come to BioSpine are sucessfully treated without surgery. The first step is understanding what is casuing your pain - take that step and schedule a consultation. It's that easy.
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